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      Activities of Boreas Tecnologia in Wind Energy


    Boreas Tecnologia started its activity in the wind energy field in 1998, even though its member started in this field in 1994 with wind measurement campaigns and measuring technology development .

    Activities started from the very first site scouting, where wind data measuring devices are located and topographical works are started in order to be capable of preparing a first Project good enough to be used as a baseline both for an economical analysis as for starting the administrative procedure required. Boreas Tecnologia has its own technology for obtaining wind data, processing it and for performing detailed micrositting analysis. análisis del potencial del posible parque
    So, in the field of wind data measuring , Boreas Tecnologias has developed its own technology in meteoroligcal masts with alluminum ones to be transported and erected in remote sites. Telemmetry and communications have also been developed by Boreas Tecnologia, obbeing the necessity of goingo to the sites to collect the data from the loggers.

    instalación de parques eólicosFinally, all the foundation system is aldo designed by Boreas Tecnologia. We can proudly say that some of our installations, both with guyed masts as with unguyed ones have already survived wind gusts of over 220 Km/h without any damage to the masts or foundation structures.

    Once obtained all the data from the meteorological masts, all the micrositting studies and preliminary Projects for the administrative procedures are prepared. With all this information, detailed economical and financial analysis are preparedto start contacts with financing banks.

    This work gives the possibility to know with a very good accuracy the amount of energy to be produced by the whole wind farm. Besides that, different locations of the wind turbines is checked to analyse the impact of these modifications on the total production of the wind farm. This aspect is very important and it is called micrositting. It is so important because production of a wind farm is not only a question of wind but also depends on the wind shadows that the wind turbones can project to each other. Different wind turbine manufacturers and different combinations of tower heights are also checked in order to obtain the maximum production possible.

    Finally, after this previous work and once all the required permits are granted, the final stage of developing the installation detailed project and the wind farm erection is faced. After that, there is ashort period where the wind farm is put into operation and finally, Boreas Tecnologia keeps on involved during the whole operation life of the installation.