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      Some examples of the works performed by Boreas NT

    Some examples of the works performed by Boreas NT

    Since the foundation of the Company in 2001, Boreas NT has developed many different advanced engineering actuations in the different fields of activity where it offers its services. Some of the most illustrative examples of the work performed, where the customer has been removed for confidentiallity reasons, are listed below.

    Consultancy work about the situation of the design and manufacturing technologies of large composite materials structures for a large european wind turbine manufacturer
    Preliminary desgin of a wind turbine blade of 40 m length with hybrid technology.
    tecnologías de pegado para la ejecución de raíces de pala de aerogenerador   Development of adhesive joints for wind turbine blade roots
    Calculations for the certification of wind turbine components
    Substitution of alluminium components by others of composite materials in truck structures
    Substitution of alluminium components by others of steel with the same weight in truck structures
    Consultancy and design (dynamic and fatigue assessment) of automotive components of difficult geometries
    Design of singular structures (45 meters span and structures with 46 simultaneous cranes moving)
    Design of machinery for manufacturing chains in automotion
    Development of automatised machinery for the food industry
    Development of our own products for renewable energies (wind, solar and hydrogen technologies)
    Development of our own products for manufacturing composite materials
    Structural integrity engineering to check the safety of damaged structural elements
    Development of high performance thermoplastic parts for surgery applications

    If you wish to have more information on our capacity and experience, do not hesitate in contacting us.