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- Product Development
- Composite Materials
- Advanced Engineering
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      Advanced Engineering for Product and Process Development
    Advanced Engineering for Product and Process Development

    In this field, Boreas NT performs totally new designs based on the requirements of their Customers. These designs can be from parts of machinery or structures to full structures and machinery. They can work statically or under complexdinamic loading with fatigue issues. The designs include the powering of the machinery, actuators required, sensors and data acquisition and electric and electronic components. Machniery can be simply had actuated or totally controlled with PLC's or computers. Extensive use of commercial components is done.

    Another field of actuation include the checking of already existing products both for its improvement as for gaining deeper knowledge on their behaviour that allows the identification and resolution of potential problems or extending the range of use for them. In this case products can simply be isolated parts or components or full sets of parts interacting every component with each other in the nachine or structure.

    In many occassions, damaged products are analysed or existing products wuth propoer behaviour are studied to know if they can perform some additional tasks or support some extra load without taking risks of failure or malfunction of them. By this kind of actuation,many time and money can be saved avoiding the substitution of components that, even damaged, may perfectly support the external solicitations in their life. In a similar way, many existing products can be used for other applications or different service loads without changing major components if after their study, the service life is acceptable.

    Another usual work is performing all the calculations required by externalBodies in order tocertify components or machinery under different codes.

    The great expertise with non lineal finite element technologies allows Boreas NT to perform simulations of many different manufacturing processes. Forging, stamp and press forming, extrusion, lamination, and many others are processes whose simulations are perfomed quite often.