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      Boreas NT

    The main core

    Boreas NT, is the result of joining a group of highe technical level Professionals that work together in order to give solutions to the requirements of their Customers. The work is performed under some basic lines.

    - Perform Product Development Engineering including the study and simulation of products processes and markets.
    - Develop integrated technologies of composite materials. Feasability studies, Design , Prototyping, Testing, Certification and eventually, product delivery in a series basis.
    - Support Customers and develop advanced tecnologies and solutions in Renewable Energies, both in product development as in study, analysis and implementation of different installations.

    To develop this mission, Boreas NT uses the mots advanced computational design tools, including, for example, non lineal finite element analysis software (MSC.MARC), as well as tools for compiling self developed software ans modifications of basic software. It is common developing specific software to obtain inputs or to obtain outputs from finite element calculations.

    boreas ntIt is the aim of the Company try tosolve all the problems that can appearduring the life and the design cycles of products. To cover this wide scope of technical challenges Boreas NT offers, not being exhaustive a series of basic posibilities:
    - Develop and manufacturing prototypes ofproducts and processes.
    - Testing (static, dynamic, fatigue) on coupons or prototypes.
    - Perform certification calculations of products that mustfullfill specific requirements, codes, etc.
    The previous list of possibilities is totally open to be modified depending on the requirements of the Customers.

    Boreas NT tries always to obtain the maximum customer satisfaction so the development performed by the Company is tried to be completly integrated in the Customer technical structure. At the end, the finalaim is that pur Customers subcontract a technological service but besides the work done, they also acquire a very important knowhow for their future works.



    Boreas NT was born with a Customer Oriented Company philosophy. This concept necessarily imposes a great flexibility in the technical approach always directed to solve our Customer's requirements. Boreas NT performs its technological prospective continuously dueto its University Spin Off origin. In this way our Customers can always benefit of the latest tecchnological advances compatible with their requirements. Whenever a Customer contacts Boreas NT, they can be sure that they will receive the widest range of possibilities available at that moment to fulfill their requirements. Due to the continuous technological prospectand benchmarking performed by Boreas NT, there is always a deep knowledge of innovative solutions applied in different sectors and in many ocasions, we can adapt solutions from other sectors to satisfy our customer necessities. Fresh air in your solutions. Total commitment with our customers, time schedules and quality ensured are basic keypoints of our service. In addition, Boreas NT tries to be as proactive with our customers as it is possible. We always try to integrate the work developed in the structure of our customers. Our engineers can work as one more of your technocal staff. This is done to ensure that the customer contracts a service but not the knowledge involved in the products being developed.