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      Fields of activity

    After its start in the promotion of wind farms, Boreas very rapidly focussed in the technical development of these farms and componentes of them. Even before starting the procedure for the approval of the first wind farm (today in operation, wind farm of La Sia), and even before the legal inscription of the Company, technical work for developing equipment for meteorological assessment of potential sited was finished and these equipments were in operation. Both towers as measuring devices (anemomenters, wind vanes, and electronic systems for registration of data) were entirely developed by the Company. Afterwards, hte engineering activities were enhanced by the addition of leading edge software for the prediction of the wind potential, as a tool to improve the development of the wind farms of the Company. Projects for several hundreds of MW promoted by Boreas, were developed.

    Later, in the year 2002, a new Company of the group was born; Boreas Nuevas Tecnologías (Boreas New Technologies), more known for its acrhronym, Boreas NT. This is an special case as Boreas NT starts as an Spin Off of an University. This special characteristic gives Boreas NT a really outstanding technological capacity. From the very beginning this Company has focussed on the advanced product development for different customers in different industrial sectors. Besides that, Boreas NT has its own line of product development specially in renewable energý equipments and composite materials.

    In 2003, Boreas Tecnología started to developand install full PV solar plants using both passive as active technologies.

    As a summary, some of the works already developed by any of the Companies of the gorup Boreas in different fields of activity can be seen.

    Solar Energy
    In this area , Boreas NThas developed many different activities in fileds as:
    - Development of composite material components
    - Development of automotive parts and systems
    - Design and optimizatrion of singular structures
    - Certification of materials and components
    - Development of machinery
    We kindly recommend you the visit of BoreasNT webpage to know with more detail some of the works developed
    Boreas Tecnología started its work in solar energy with the solar plant of La Ruya where PV pannels were installed in what was at that moment the largest solar plant in Castilla Leon region. This solar plant is installed side by side with one of the experimental wind farms of the Company. Afterwards, more installations have been developed and put in operation.
    If you want more details, please visit the page of the firm Boreas Tecnología
    Own Product Development
    In this area, Boreas Tecnología has promoted from its start, different wind farms in different locations in Spain. Some of the activities are:
    - Conventional commercial wind farms
    - Experimental wind farms
    - Projects and work for getting installation permits of wind farms
    If you want more details, please visit the web page of the firm
    Boreas Tecnología
    For the activity of Boreas NTspecially for the development of composite materials, different ancillary equipment has been designed and constructed. Furnaces, temperatures controllers, testing systems, measuring equipment to assess the quality of parts manufactured, etc.
    At thyis moment a whole systems for electrical generation based on renawable energies including the possibility of storing energy is under development. Should you want more information, plase visit BoreasNT page